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Round-the-Clock Assistance

24/7 Chat Support

Enjoy round-the-clock availability of skilled chat agents, ensuring your customers receive prompt assistance at any time, day or night.

Hands holding a bright pink AppointHelp mug with the text '24/7', symbolizing round-the-clock customer support availability.
Tailored Widget Design

Widget Customization

Craft a chat experience that reflects your brand's unique identity. Tailor the design, colors, and placement to create a easy and engaging interaction for your website visitors.

A collection of four colorful live chat interface samples, showcasing customizable chat windows with different greetings and interactive prompts for a seamless customer service experience.
Data-Driven Insights

Statistics & Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your customer support operations with our advanced Statistics & Analytics tools. Measure performance, track key metrics, and make data-driven decisions to raise customer satisfaction..

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offered by Appoint Help.

Tailor chat to match your brand identity, expand your reach by offering support in multiple languages, gain insights for data-driven decision-making and much much more...

Canned Responses

Quickly send pre-written responses to common queries for efficiency.

Statistics & Analytics

Access data-driven insights to improve customer interactions.


Gather feedback and insights from customers to enhance service.

Multilingual Support

Communicate with customers in their preferred language.

Chat Transcripts

Keep records of all chat interactions for reference.

Print & Email Transcripts

Save or share chat transcripts for future use.

File Uploads

Exchange files and documents seamlessly within chats.

Custom Forms

Create and collect information using customizable forms.

Chat Invitations

Proactively engage visitors with chat invitations.

Online User Tracking

Monitor visitors in real-time to enhance engagement.

GEO Detection

Identify visitor locations for tailored assistance.

Chat Transferring

Effortlessly transfer chats to appropriate agents.

Personalized Agent Tone

Set the tone and style of agent responses, allowing for personalized interactions.

Screen Sharing

Share screens for interactive troubleshooting.

User & Area Blocking

Manage user access and block unwanted areas.

Knowledge Base

Access a repository of information for quick answers.


Organize teams for specialized customer support.

Multiple Website Support

Manage chats from various websites in one place.


Integrate AI-powered chatbots for automated assistance.

Dedicated Agents

Experience a dedicated level of support by assigning agents to your business.

Dedicated Account Manager

Benefit from our customer service by receiving personalized account support.

API Access

Integrate and customize the service using our API.

Link Redirecting

Redirect users to a product page if they are having issues finding it.

AI Integration

Harness artificial intelligence to provide instant and accurate responses.

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